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Pre-Primary School Programme


Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength

At OWS, the Pre-Primary experiences are planned keeping in mind that the first five years in a child’s life is crucial since the rate of development in these years is more rapid than any other stage of development. In addition to the development of intelligence, personality, and social behavior, the children are assisted to gain confidence and assert themselves. The school works on their curiosity as it is at its maximum and children learn to explore, enquire and discover their surroundings. We understand the language of kids and base our subjects towards easy tutoring. The ‘Thematic teaching’ and ‘play-way’ methods are aimed at customized education towards each child’s capability. The white board integrated spacious classrooms enables various learning aids like Audio-Visual content, demonstrations, simulations, rhymes, etc. The eco-friendly atmosphere in and around the school, various theme based activities such as talk shows, conceptual rendering, frequent field trips, and celebrations ensure holistic development of children by comprehensively addressing their needs for care, health, nutrition, and well-being. The developmental programs work as a support to parents. Our caring facilitators work closely with parents and counsel them towards more meaningful bringing-up of their child even at home. Field trips to reinforce classroom experiences are planned regularly.


Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength

Activities appeal to the child’s innate tendencies. At the pre-primary level, we provide theme-based activities that are learning related. Language is taught through phonetic sounds. Number work is taught through concrete examples and is led to conclude step by step in a logical way. Integrated Environmental Science & General Knowledge is taught through play involving investigation, exploration, and discovery.

To stimulate learning we have a special play area, which is a well-equipped room where students are led to discover the world around them based on the themes through fantasy or imaginative play. Multimedia and audiovisual aids further facilitate their learning and the fivefold development i.e. Physical development, Social development, Emotional development, Mental development and Spiritual development.


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The classrooms are bright and cheerful, catching the brightest rays of the sun. The school is surrounded with natural beauty with lush green environment in the backdrop. The teachers are loving and caring and implement a happy blend of Montessori and traditional teaching approaches.

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We create a classroom environment wherein positive interactions are the norm. The teacher acknowledges and accepts diversity in terms of gender, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, academic and disciplinary needs. The classroom has well defined rules; these rules make the classroom more structured, knowable and consistent. Children are encouraged to follow rules of cleanliness, organization of materials, and common courtesies in public spaces and mutual respect for one another.

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Children are assessed through regular observations which is a child-friendly way of assessing and evaluating young minds. Here, students evolve and become better decision makers through stress-free continuous evaluations with the help of our skilled teachers. The purpose of assessment is judging the quality of learning of the child during the teaching learning process. It is a more an evaluation of the process than of a product

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Safety has always been a part of our system. With a transport tracking system, buses equipped with CCTV cameras, GPRS, speed governors and female attendants, female security guards at the school entrances, CCTV cameras installed in all the corridors and assembly areas, the school is a protected area for children. Each class room is spaciously planned with ergonomically designed furniture, child friendly wash rooms and RO purified water outlets. Each class has one teacher with one lady support staff and the students are always accompanied by teachers for all outdoor activity.

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For classes Pre-Primary – Nursery, LKG & UKG 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (Monday-Friday)


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