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Admission process generally begins in the month of November/December. For more details refer to the Admission Helpdesk page.

Academic year begins in the month of April every year and continues till mid-March for the subsequent year.

To obtain a form go to the link on our website www.oxfordworldschool.com or contact our Admissions Officer on admission@oxfordworldschool.com.

It can be submitted in the school admission office in person /online.

Please log on to https://corp11.myclassboard.com/Signin/EnquiryForm_Custom?OrgGUID=7BFBAF91-837C-41FC-A40C- for availing online registration facility and furnish the details requested. Please click on the payment and registration option for completing the online registration process. On successful completion of the procedure, a confirmation mail will be sent to you. All parents must visit the school front office (with the online generated receipt which also has the registration number) to complete the pre-admission formalities beyond which necessary information shall be intimated to you.

On submission of the online form, date & time of interaction will be intimated via email. On the day of interaction, child has to visit the school along with both the parents at the allotted time.

School offers admission from Class I – X. For admission in Class I, the age should be 6 years as on  30th sept to 31st December

(For more details Refer to the Admission Helpdesk)

Please note that we follow (the mandatory) age criteria norms set by the government for admission to the classes mentioned below:




The child should complete 3 years as of December 31


The child should have completed 4 years as on December 31.


The child should have completed 5 years as on December 31.

Grade I

The child should complete 6 years as of 31 December.

Grade II

The child should complete 7 years as of 31 December.

Grade III

The child should complete 8 years as of 31 December.

Grade IV

The child should complete 9 years as of 31 December.

Grade V

The child should complete 10 years as of 31 December.

Grade VI

The child should complete 11 years as of 31 December.

Grade VII

The child should complete 12 years as of 31 December.

Grade IX

The child should complete 13 years as of 31 December.

Grade X

The child should complete 13 years as of 31 December.

Grade II onwards: Based on Passed & Promoted Certificate of previous class

The child needs to fulfill age criteria minimum 6 years of age complete as on 31th December for Grade I. 

Admission to Oxford World School is based upon vacancy in the class to which admission is sought. After the counselling session, should the parents wish to go in for registration, an interaction is arranged with the teacher and the child which is followed by a meeting with the Principal and both the parents to discuss the vision and mission of the institution. Should the parents believe in regulations that govern the institution, the Principal decides the admission.

Mid-Term admissions are only possible in Grades where there is a vacant seat. We strictly allow a maximum of 30 – 35 students per section.

Yes, the School admits children from other Boards.

Applications can be submitted at any time, but class size restrictions limit the number of accepted applicants in each grade level. Applying early is always a good choice.




Certified true copy of Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation *


Latest Passport size colour photographs of the student with white background – 5 Nos. *


Passport size colour photograph of the parents with white background – 2 Nos. *


Copy of Caste Certificate (if applicable) *


Residential Address Proof
( Photocopy of proof of residence /voter identity card/ residence rent agreement/electricity bill/phone bill/any other) *


Aadhar Card Copy of Students (Grade I onward *)


Aadhar Card Copy of Mother *


Aadhar Card Copy of Father *


PAN Card of Father *


Pan Card of Mother


Report Card of previous Academic Year *


Bonafide (Lkg to Grade I) / Transfer Certificate (Grade II Onward)*


Medical Fitness / Blood Group Report of the child (Grade IV onwards)


Vaccination chart copy (Nursery to Std I)


Certificate of Physical Disability (if applicable) certified by Government hospital


Certificate of Learning Disability (if applicable) certified by Government hospital


Certificate/s of outstanding Achievements, if any (attested photocopy)


Proof of Foreign Nationality of the student (OCI / PIO) (if applicable)


Adoption document (if applicable)

* Documents are mandatory. The Transfer Certificate and Report Card of the current year can be submitted to the school office before the school closes for summer break.

Oxford World School religiously follows two primary modes of communication; the Student Almanac and mail to the concerned department. We can be contacted via emails and phone calls as published in the Student Almanac, Website, for specific concerns. For the best interest of the learner, we do not encourage communication regarding poor academic performance, fee dues, behavioral issues of the child, concerns regarding staff and other personal family matters through the Student Almanac. Such communications are restricted to exchange of mails or filling the Parents Concerns Form.

We give preference to siblings of existing students of the school if seats are available. Siblings are offered a discount on the fee.


Students per Section





Middle School


Secondary School


With a maximum of 30 students in a class, we have a whole school teacher-student ratio of 1:10. There are one teacher and one support staff in preschool (Nursery, LKG and UKG). The whole school has three sections per grade.


The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Board. [ CBSE Affiliation N0. 1131170, CBSE Code: 31157]

Oxford World School provides high quality education wherein the focus is on building thinking and problem solving skills which will ensure lifelong learning. These wide ranges of learning skills are essential for the students to tackle the challenges of our dynamic, rapidly growing world and transform them into “better selves”— mindful, empathetic, critical-thinking, creative, and collaborative beings. Our teachers are “Facilitators” who guide students in their learning by providing them with hands on experiences that not only generate interest, but also fosters creativity. Thinking out of the box is encouraged and it motivates students to approach situations and problems from different perspectives. This, in turn, develops in them a thirst for knowledge and the skill of self-learning. OWS facilitators have the ability to teach breadth of skills—shifting from a narrow focus on literacy and numeracy—which is an important step toward preparing students to tackle 21st century challenges.


II Language

III Language

I – V

Hindi, Marathi


Hindi, Marathi, German

Hindi, Marathi, German

IX – X

Hindi, Marathi, German


Languages opted under II Language cannot be taken as III Language and vice versa. Choice of II Language for Middle and Secondary School will depend on the II Language studied in the previous class/school.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) earlier known as Extracurricular Activities (ECA) are the components of non-academic curriculum helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the child and students. The co-curricular activity schedule is also mentioned in the student Almanac. Most of the activities allow maximum students to participate. These activities encompass a wide range of skills and parents are expected to train the students for these activities. Certificates are issued to the students. Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in students. It includes athletics, cultural events, Library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts and meditation etc.

We do not believe in burdening the child yet some amount of practice work is assigned in 2-3 subjects everyday which a child himself/herself can attempt. Learning at Oxford World School will be a joyful and stress free experience. A well planned homework schedule and an ongoing assessment routine, ensures that children learn for the love of learning and not just to score marks and grades. School isn’t the only place for learning activities. When your child is at home, you’re their teacher. But everything doesn’t have to feel like a classroom lesson. Get them excited about discovering something new when you disguise the learning activities as fun time.

The Primary School recognizes the link between development and learning. The Experiential inquiry-based curriculum focuses on the child as a learner. The CCE pattern of assessment introduced takes the students through a journey of activity / Experiential -based learning.

The following teaching pedagogies are effectively implemented by the educators to ensure effective teaching & learning among the learners.

  • Experiential Learning 
  • Art-Integrated Learning
  • Inter-Disciplinary Approach
  • Activity -Based and Joyful Learning
  • Integrating Life Skills


The curriculum is ingeniously designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, communication skills and team ethics. Our subjects don’t exist in isolation, nor does our learning. Field- trips, excursions, movies, workshops, projects, meeting authors and experts from different fields constitute our academic framework. We adopt a constructive approach and pedagogy with project based learning and hands-on experience as its areas of prime focus. Integrated, collaborative and interactive approach helps the students to apply their knowledge in real-life situations and contribute to their holistic development. The students learn to critically evaluate, analyze and express themselves. The overall environment is conducive to fostering Academic Excellence and Creative Brilliance. For more details, you could go through the Curriculum section on our website which gives a comprehensive insight into the curriculum and pedagogy.

XSEED is a complete academic solution for OWS. It raises student performance and builds quality in teaching inside classrooms. Research shows that XSEED delivers significantly higher learning and understanding amongst children compared to regular teaching methods. With XSEED in classrooms, teachers show significant improvements in areas such as collaborative learning, use of experience and questioning. At the core of XSEED are over 7,000 board-aligned Lesson Plans for teachers. With innovative learning and assessment products for students, teachers, school management as well as parents, the XSEED way of teaching gives your students a clear edge above others. XSEED Experiential Learning Method STEP 1: AIM Before starting any lesson one need be clear about what outcomes we want to see for the students. STEP 2: ACTIVITY Teachers start the lesson with an activity where children have their own experience and ‘try out.’ STEP 3: ANALYSE Teachers introduce the concept to students formally through questions and discussions. STEP 4: APPLY Students learn and apply through self-study and worksheet completion with reflective questions and challenging problems. STEP 5: ASSESS Students answer application-based formative and summative questions.
Learnometer is a multiple-choice test that assesses how well students understand what they study and are able to apply it to existing and new situations. It measures important thinking skills and abilities that are necessary to succeed in all academic subjects: Understanding by observing and reading carefully, comprehending its meaning and concluding what it implies Applying this knowledge by utilizing known principles to new situations, reasoning why something happened and solving real-life problems Additionally, Learnometer also assesses students’ grasp of English language and comprehension that helps them to understand and use the language better in any subject.

Yes. We believe that the school and parents together can only support the child to grow in a desired way. Hence we hold PTMs regularly as planned in academic Calendar and welcome parent’s suggestions. Altogether there are four PTMs in one academic year besides Parent Orientation Programme. PTMs are organized regularly on a need basis, the schedule of which is published in the School Diary. Time schedule for the same is sent about a week in advance to the parents. PTMs are organised both online and in campus, as required. Attendance is mandatory for the parents. Should a need arise to meet the teacher, prior appointment can be taken through a diary message, email or a phone call.

A written request must be submitted by the parents either personally or through mail to info@oxfordworldschool.com. Upon approval by the Principal, “Permission Slip / Gate pass” should be obtained from the front desk which has to be duly signed by the Principal, Academic Coordinator and Class teacher and shown at the school gate before leaving the campus. Production of Escort Card / Bearer Card is mandate. Students will be handed over only to the escorts whose photographs reflect in the Escort Card and is duly stamped by the School authorities for the current Academic Year.

In case of illness or an emergency, a written application (Refer the Students Almanac) has to be sent to the class educator / facilitator the following day or an email can be sent to the School, mentioning the name of the learner, grade and section.
In case of a planned absence, a written note has to be sent to the class educator through the diary or a mail can be sent to the School, at least two days in advance, mentioning the name of the learner, grade and section.
Parents are requested not to take a vacation or long leave when the school is in session as it affects the academic progress of the child. In case of compelling circumstances, prior permission must be sought from the Principal (at least one week in advance).
Attendance on the first day (after vacation/ school reopening) and the last day (prior to vacation) is compulsory.

For the smooth running of Oxford World School enlists the support of parents as partners. As teachers and parents share the responsibility of encouraging, modeling and reinforcing appropriate behavior, it is important that parents understand their role in the development and establishment of these behavior’s.
We ask parents to partner with us and support their child and the School by:
– Demonstrating a positive attitude at home about school, teachers and the importance of education;
– Keeping open communication with their child’s teacher, coordinator and the Principal, communicating any concerns they may have. This helps to address any difficulties, and maintains a positive learning and social environment;
– Abiding by the policies and regulations, stated in the Student Almanac, which governs the day to day functioning of the school.
– Monitoring homework and assignments to make sure they are completed well and on time, and encouraging their child to work to the best of their potential, academically and socially;
– Checking and signing the notes in the Student Almanac on a daily basis.
– Monitoring the internal assessment papers and consulting the concerned educators periodically
– Demonstrating respect and good manners towards others in the school community; including teaching staff, administration and other staff working in the school;
– Attempting to provide, to the best of their ability, proper rest and nutrition for their child, as these are extremely important if they are to function well at school;
– Making themselves aware of their child’s performance at school and be open to a mutual sharing of concerns; and
– Encouraging and supporting the child to participate in all events and competitions.
– Attending all PTMs and Parent Orientation Programme conducted at regular intervals.
– Parents are strongly advised to meet the Educators in case of behavioral issues or academic concerns, without delay.
– Being a positive role model when visiting the school.

Yes, School does have a House Uniform to be worn on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. (For more details refer to the School Uniform Catalogue)

Safety & Security

Yes, school has outsourced the transport facility and it is available on certain specific routes. We work out our bus routes to accommodate all students.

We have outsourced housekeeping staff, only women who take care of the entire cleaning of the campuses. We also have dedicated housekeeping staff for cleaning the washrooms ensuring complete hygiene. All essential facilities are provided in all children washrooms, not compromising anywhere on the hygiene front.

Health and fitness of our students is of paramount importance and medical care is a top priority at Oxford World Schools. We call health consultants from Motherhood hospital for free health check-up of Students. They also educate our students and the parent community on topics of general health, nutrition and hygiene by conducting regular workshops and in-house trainings. We also have emergency medical arrangement with the nearby hospitals that could be used in case of rare emergency situations.

Safety & Security are of utmost importance in our list of priorities and we have adopted several measures to ensure the same. All our campuses are under closed-circuit television CCTV surveillance and respective state departments of education. We have all mandatory committees dedicated to the cause of ensuring safety and security for all our children and staff and they are closely monitored. The school is also equipped with fire alarm system(the fire alarm system is generally intended to indicate and warn personnel of abnormal conditions, summon appropriate emergency responders, and control occupant features to enhance the protection of life)with fire protection features. OWS management has done the police verification and psychometric evaluation of all staff members. Apart from this, buses are equipped with speed governors, GPS tracker while they are plying on their respective routes. We have trained lady support staffs (Didi) who accompany the children in buses, until they are safely handed over to their parents.