Oxford World School

POCSO Committee


To safeguard the interests of the learners, Oxford World School set up the POCSO Committee (set up under the provisions of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offence Act 2012) on 22nd August 2107. The Committee works towards safeguarding the learners from the challenges they face in their formative years at school. The Committee takes up age appropriate initiatives to create awareness about sexual exploitation and to ensure that all learners are aware of their rights and responsibilities towards themselves. Training sessions are conducted for the faculty and staff to recognize and report issues of abuse and neglect. Complaint Boxes are placed strategically and checked regularly by the Committee members to address the complaints, if any.

Through its awareness campaigns and programmes, the Committee strives to ensure that all learners are treated with dignity and respect at all times. In a series of Awareness programmes and Special School Assembly conducted in the School throughout the year, learner participation is encouraged. Age appropriate videos are shown and self-defense sessions are also conducted as a part of the Awareness programmes.

The POCSO committee comprises of the following members:
Term of Office: 3 years

Sr.No Members Designation Email ID
1. Dr Kavita K Roy Principal (Chairperson) principal@oxfordworldschool.com
2. Ms. Rohini Ghule Member (Teacher Representative) info@oxfordworldschool.com
3. Ms. Rashmi Gokhale Member (Teacher Representative) info@oxfordworldschool.com
4. Ms. Manisha Singh Member (Teacher Representative) info@oxfordworldschool.com
5. Ms. Sapna Yadwad Member (Teacher Representative) info@oxfordworldschool.com
6. Dr. Ankush Lawande Member (Parent Representative) ankushlawande@gmail.com
7. Ms. Hema Waghmare Member (Parent Representative) Hemawaghmare240@gmail.com
8. Master Daksh Patel Member (Student Representative)
9. Miss Princess Dilip Darandale Member (Student Staff) info@oxfordworldschool.com
10. Ms. Preeti Sevda Member (Admin Staff) info@oxfordworldschool.com
11. Ms. Divya Ingle Member (Admin Staff) admin@oxfordworldschool.com
12. Dr. Tina Parmar Singh Member (Doctor) Dr.tinaparmar@gmail.com
13. Ms. Geeta Manohar Wavhal Member (Legal Advocate) Adv.geeta80@gmail.com

CCTV Camera at the strategic points is placed. Complaint boxes are easily accessible to the students. Awareness Programmes are conducted every month.