Oxford World School

Safety and Security in School

School safety is the responsibility of everyone – Staff, Students and Parents.

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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras, that covers the entire School, except individual bathrooms and classrooms. Common areas like library, corridor and assembly etc are covered. This is monitored closely by security personnel and senior management.

Police Verification

All blue & brown collared staff that includes Drivers, Cleaners, support staff and other maintenance staff is hired with Police verification only.

Training and Sensitizing

Training and Sensitizing of Teachers to the needs of children, can they identify signs of children in distress, protect them as per law and child rights guidelines.


Sensitizing Admin, Transport and Support staff on child safety, by doing this we want to provide all of our students a safe environment in which they would like to grow and cherish.


Counselling and workshops for students concerning their own safety guidelines have been clearly articulated to the children and how they are expected to react in the event of inappropriate touch or gesture.

Strictly dedicated areas

Strictly dedicated areas for all blue & brown collared staff, for drinking water, eating food, relieving themselves

School gate

School gate is manned at all times, we have an active security at all the entrances at OWS.

All drivers and cleaners

Drivers and cleaners are employed by the School after scrutiny of their credentials and references.

Staff (Teachers included)

Staff (Teachers included) are assigned duties at areas of the school during school start time, school intervals and during school dispersal.


Students are safe in the school. Parents are requested to await communication from the School before clogging phone lines or reaching the school. The School will enlist assistance of parents if there is a need for the same during these situations. Parent volunteers are requested to be on call in these situations and reach the school at their earliest.

A vehicle is always available at the premises for use during emergencies.


If the school needs to be closed for an emergency, parents will be informed through mail/message/ whatsapp. You are requested to support the school by networking during such times with parents of others students. A notice will also be uploaded on the ERP circular board and will run on the home page of the School’s website.


To safeguard the interests of all the women employees working in the school campus,Oxford World School has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) as per the provisions of The Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 on 27th May, 2018. The committee conducts awareness programmes for all its employees and ensures that a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees. Complaint Boxes are placed strategically and checked regularly by the Committee members to address the complaints, if any.

Term of the Office: 3 years

The ICC is an independent committee and comprises of the following members:

Complaint boxed to be easily accessible. Awareness programmes are conducted every month and meetings are conducted once in a term.


To safeguard the interests of the learners, Oxford World School set up the POCSO Committee (set up under the provisions of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offence Act 2012) on 22nd August 2107. The Committee works towards safeguarding the learners from the challenges they face in their formative years at school. The Committee takes up age appropriate initiatives to create awareness about sexual exploitation and to ensure that all learners are aware of their rights and responsibilities towards themselves. Training sessions are conducted for the faculty and staff to recognize and report issues of abuse and neglect. Complaint Boxes are placed strategically and checked regularly by the Committee members to address the complaints, if any.

Through its awareness campaigns and programmes, the Committee strives to ensure that all learners are treated with dignity and respect at all times. In a series of Awareness programmes and Special School Assembly conducted in the School throughout the year, learner participation is encouraged. Age appropriate videos are shown and self-defence sessions are also conducted as a part of the Awareness

The POCSO committee comprises of the following members:
Term of Office: 3 years

CCTV Camera at the strategic points is placed. Complaint boxes are easily accessible to the students. Awareness Programmes are conducted every month.