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Social Empowerment through Work and Action

SEWA activities comprises raising community awareness regarding health, sanitation, civic habits and environment, unpaid teaching and assistance in teaching, volunteering in nursing homes, orphanages, public events and assistance, care for senior citizens of our community, environmental activities like clean-ups, recycling, wildlife preservation societies, partaking in health, wellness and sanitation camps, participate in aiding fund raisers and any trivial act for the wellbeing of our society.
The programme exhorts students to recognize their role and responsibility as citizens and further encourage involvement in helping those in need and in areas of concern to the wellbeing of the world. SEWA activities require involvement and interaction and are therefore inspiriting personal development of a child to a great extent. It expands one’s bubble of concern to encompass a wider spectrum and aids in creating a generation of committed and selfless people.


While ample opportunities are offered to play, explore and have fun, The Oxford World School also strives to foster a sense of social responsibility in the students by encouraging them to view world problems in terms of how they can contribute to solve them. We do this by involving our students in a series of community service projects – this sparks off a willingness in children to reach out and help others and think about the big picture. The goal of getting students to participate in outreach activities is to help them make the connection ‘from me to the world’ and see themselves as an intrinsic part of their community. Ultimately, our goal is to help our students be knowledgeable, responsible, socially skilled, healthy, caring, and contributing citizens of the world.


Environmental consciousness is integral to our enrichment agenda. The focus of this programme is to help children realize how their immediate choices and behaviors impact the future of the planet. We educate our students about ecology and empower them with ecologically intelligent values like sustainable living and responsible consumption. We encourage hands-on involvement with environmental issues. We do this through interactions with experts in the field, attendance at events and symposia, encouraging writing about contemporary problems, putting up street plays and participating in public dialogue. Through these many avenues, students begin to understand the importance of caring for the environment and feel responsible for its upkeep. Several of our students are currently spearheading projects on water conservation, pollution reduction, and other environmental concerns.

Handful of joy program

The children of OWS during their survey felt that the need to improve the health/ well being of our support staff. An initiative called “Hand full of joy” where the children and teachers of different classes will contribute some nutritious food on the academic year. The food items include fruits, nuts, Ragi malt, Horlicks, dates raisins and biscuits which are rationed out to them in regular intervals. Oxford World School celebrates the ‘Daan Utsav (The Joy of Giving), a festival of philanthropy by engaging our students and teachers through acts of ‘giving’. 

As part of this, we are participating in the following activities:

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