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Teaching Life Skills - A reflection of School!

Should basic life skills be taught in school as a subject? Students need math, algebra, and geometry, but also need basic acumen for a sustained lifestyle. Similarly, they need life skills as a subject in their curriculum to excel in life.  Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables humans to deal effectively with the demand and challenges of life.  Some of the basic life skills we include in our curriculum are:- 
  • Self Awareness: an important skill where a child’s ability to judge their own performance and behavior is developed. 
  • Critical thinking: comes easier when students talk and interact with one another, exchange thoughts, debate ideas and react accordingly. 
  • Decision-making: should engage students in solving genuine problems and making a sustainable decision developing the ability to distinguish between choice and needs. 
  • Focus and Self-control: involves developing directional functioning skills including the ability to pay attention, learn, and remember things, and self-control to not act on initial impulses. 
  • Making Connection: involves categorizing information as well as recognizing how one thing can relate or represent another developing creativity. 
Educators work around the philosophy, “Today is the perfect opportunity to start building the future you really want”, for learners to prepare them physically, mentally and socially. Generation Z, who is the future of the country, is in need of all-round knowledge to achieve new heights and be successful. Life skills are the perfect life hacks for a balanced lifestyle!