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Important Life Lessons Kids Learn From Playing Sports

Let us have a quick flash back to the 19th or the 20th century. The time of revolution in numerous different fields such as technology, industries, historical and even educational. With the focus on all these areas, Sports was often considered a pastime or a leisure activity. Coming back to the 21st century, today we have a very different scenario. Along with advances in all the other fields, the focus on sports has seen a rather pragmatic surge. In this day and age, sports play an integral part in students’ life. Youth sports is a term commonly used for sports activities for kids in the age group of 7 to 18 years. More and more kids are engaged in at least one game which goes a long way in shaping their personalities. These are some of the important qualities that sports add to your child’s skill set. 1. To lead(and follow as well) Being a leader is what the world looks upon. But can you really become a leader without being a follower? Sports gives your kid a whole new perspective about what are the qualities of a true leader and how you sometimes need to follow to learn. 2. To accept failure and rise above it Often in life, there are more failures than there are successes. Children might face disappointment or self-doubt when they lose a game. With every failure they work on convert it to success, they learn the importance of the sport, i.e. never to give up. 3. To respect individuals Playing a game introduces your child to a lot of new people. Coaches, team mates, opponents. With time, children realise how each individual is different and that’s what makes a team. 4. To manage time effectively Let’s face it, being a 21st century kid is no joke. With schoolwork, homework, juggling social relationships and extra activities, our children are really trying to do it all. Sports not only helps them release some pressure, but also teaches them the art of time management. 5. To be a team player A team is something that wholly represents the sports. When your child plays with a team, he/she learns the qualities of being a team player. They learn the fact that their decisions or actions can affect the entire team. Also, they understand that the outcome of the game, be it success or failure, is not entirely on their shoulders. To finish this post, let us sign off on a quote by Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence wins Championships”