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ICT Literature: The What’s and How’s

What is the first thing you do when you want to search for an article? Where do you go when you need a new recipe? Where do you store your important documents? Do you check Facebook and Instagram a minimum of 20 times a day? How do you let people know about an event that you are hosting?   We know the answers to these questions are related to the internet, or social media, or email and messaging. The point we are trying to make here is, we are going through a digital revolution. The last decade has seen a wave of new technologies coming into the picture and forming an integral part of our lives. With the face of technology changing every next second, we need to ensure our children are provided with an education that not only teaches them regular subjects but also literates them about the use of these new-age technologies for solving modern problems.   What is ICT and how is it relevant?   ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It is an extended-term for Information and Technology, which means, in a broader sense, to make the right information available at the right time, through the right tools. We are living in a constantly evolving digital world, where ICT has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives- working, socializing, learning, and playing. It is transforming the way people communicate with each other, it is changing our work dynamics, it is also changing the access we have to information and learning. With such a revolutionary approach, it is pretty obvious and necessary to introduce kids to such tools at the beginning of their learning years.   How do we apply ICT at OWS?   Oxford World School believes that imparting education means providing the best of every world and making sure our kids strive at whatever the future holds for them. The process towards that success begins today! ICT literacy forms a major part of our education practices. We have a plethora of novel approaches to teaching-learning, making the process both interesting and fruitful.  
  • Chalkboards to digital whiteboards
  Classroom practices are evolving over time. The shift from the chalkboard to digitally accessible whiteboards is a perfect example of the same. We employ state-of-the-art whiteboards along with the projector for learning. This helps students get accustomed to computer-based learning and the internet from a tender age as well as helps to grasp the concepts better.    
  • Digitally literate educators
  To teach one has to learn. At OWS, we ensure that our teachers are absolutely efficient and well-trained at anything and everything that they teach. Hence, when it comes to technology and using different tools, we make sure that our educators excel at it beforehand and then they pass on the same to our students.    
  • Hands-on exposure to different types of devices
  To get the hang of how ICT works and how these tools help us through our daily lives, it’s imperative to practically use it. Our students are exposed to a range of different tools and are trained on the same. We make sure they not only ask questions but also have the resources and training to find the answers.    
  • Awareness drive about the positive use of technology
  In order to benefit from the advancements in technology, we also need to be aware of its misuses. We need to teach our children to be alert and aware of the cons of technological platforms. With our help and guidance, our children will excel at ICT and use it appropriately for their unwavering success.   ICT is a new field in educational transformation, adding a new and interesting dimension to learning. Let us embrace it with open arms and help our kids scale newer heights in technology and development.