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Life Skills Based Education- Why Is it?

Today’s world is seeing rapid changes and innovations in the field of science and technology. And this is reflecting in our day to day lives- including education. With a lot of emphasis being put on scientific theories and technological advances, there is something that most of us are missing out on- life skills, which, when added to this mix, only enhances the quality of education.

World Health Organisation (WHO) defined life skills as “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. As the definition says, life skills have the ability to enhance one’s quality of life by being able to respond effectively to various life situations. 

Needless to say, when integrated into a school’s curriculum, Life-Skills Based Education (LSBE) has the potential to improve the way in which children perceive their lives and surroundings. Here are a few aspects that it focuses on-

  • Decision making 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Effective communication 
  • Interpersonal relationship skills 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Empathy 
  • Coping with emotions 
  • Coping with stress 

In short, a curriculum that is based on LSBE prepares children on not just the professional front but also on a personal level. It encourages them to make positive decisions that are directed towards them as well as the society’s well-being. It ensures that children learn all the practical skills to perform better. 

Children who are taught using the LSBE approach from a young age are more likely to respond better to stress, have stable relationships, perform better at work, and come up with more creative solutions. They also have a better understanding of their bodies and are better able to communicate their discomfort pertaining to any kind of abuse. With strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills, confidence and leadership skills, they exhibit better success rates in both, personal and professional life. 

Oxford World School follows an LSBE based curriculum in order to bring onboard the numerous benefits it guarantees and to equip all our students with not just knowledge, but all the 21st-century skills that will help them present and utilize it better. The classrooms at OWS are active classrooms. Every student actively engages in the learning process by the means of working in small groups or pairs, brainstorming, role-playing, games, discussions, and debates. A practical approach is followed throughout and students are encouraged to practice the skills in order to ensure their effective implementation in real life. 

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