Yes, school transport is available on certain specific routes. We work out our bus routes to accommodate all students.
Yes, we have Day Care facilities available only for OWS School children within the school premises.
We have housekeeping staff, only women who take care of the entire cleaning of the campuses. We also have dedicated housekeeping staff for cleaning the washrooms ensuring complete hygiene. All essential facilities are provided in all children washrooms, not compromising anywhere on the hygiene front.
Safety & Security are of utmost importance in our list of priorities and we have adopted several measures to ensure the same. All our campuses are under closed-circuit television CCTV surveillance as per the safety and security norms laid down by CBSE and respective state departments of education. We have all mandatory committees dedicated to the cause of ensuring safety and security for all our children and staff and they are closely monitored for meeting the guidelines and norms laid down by CBSE. OWS management has done the police verification and psychometric evaluation of all staff members. Apart from this, buses are equipped with speed governors, GPS and CCTV cameras and there is live monitoring of all these buses while they are plying on their respective routes. We have trained lady support staffs who accompany the children in buses, until they are safely handed over to their parents.